My Philosophy

I want to offer a space, where people can develop a healthy body and mind. I want to give people a chance to see their inner light shine. And let them have the opportunity to be a shining light themselves.
To show people that they can use their breathing and postures to form part of a cleansing process.
To share the gifts of yoga with others who may benefit greatly from its physical and mental practice.
What has yoga offered me?

It has helped in my recovery from negativity and personal problems. As an additional benefit it has helped with weight loss, and improved my outlook on life, so I have obtained a positive view of the world.
Yoga has allowed me to make changes in my life in terms of relationships, work or geographical location (it is like a guide in making decisions). It has helped me to let go of unhealthy thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and situations.
Yoga gives me the chance to be with ME and look within to who I really am.
Yoga continues to help me develop and maintain a connection with a universal power that guides and sustains me, my actions and my recovery.
Yoga has helped me connect to a worldwide community of people, who have an understanding of what it means to be on a spiritual journey.
Yoga has helped me open the door to calmness, peace and serenity.


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